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The information included in this page is intended to be a helpful guide to wearers of soft contact lenses.
No advertisement is contemplated by this information and no recommendation is intended.

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  • Wash and rinse your hands thoroughly, then dry with a lint-free towel.

  • Always start with the same lens (left or right), to avoid mix-ups.

  • Remove your right lens from the case and look it over to be sure it is clean,
    clear, and undamaged.

  • Rinse according to instructions.

  • Make sure the lens is right-side out before you place it on your eye.

  • Position the lens on the tip of the index finger of your right hand ( left if you're left-handed ).

  • With your head erect, look down-ward and pull your upper lid upward with the middle finger of your other hand.

  • Look upward and pull your lower eyelid downward with the middle finger of your right hand.

  • Still looking upward, place the lens gently toward the bottom of your eye.

  • Continue holding the lids open and let your eye drift downward. Then remove your hand from your lower lid.

  • Look straight ahead and slowly remove your other hand.

  • Close lid and gently pat it to secure and center the lens on your eye.

  • Continuing to use your right hand (left, if you are left-handed) to position the lens, repeat the entire procedure with your other lens.

[ holding contact lens]

1. Place the moist lens on the index finger of your dominant hand.
2. Use your non-dominant hand to open the lids as wide as possible, holding the upper lid with the index finger and the lower lid with the thumb.



[place lens down]

3. Watch the lens, and place it in the lower sclera or directly onto the cornea (similar to hard contact lens application).
The mirror can help develop good hand-eye coordination. (Some patients always use a mirror when applying and removing their lenses, even after they've become "experts.'')


[ center your lens ]

 4. After the lens has adhered to the cornea, release the lids slowly.
The eye should be kept still while the lens is applied, stare at a fixed point.


[ remove your fingers ]

5 Remove your fingers and look up. The lens should immediately center on the eye. Remember that the lens is self-centering and is not likely to move and become lodge in another part of the eye.

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