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Whether you wear soft (Hydrophilic), RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable), daily-wear, disposable, hard or extended-wear lenses, 
this free information by Contact Lens Consultants will apply to you.

Dedicated to the manufacture, design, fitting and dispensing of contact lenses.

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Welcome to Contact Lens Consultants on the Web.

    My name is Antonio Roca and I like to welcome you to the world of contact lenses.
     We've been dedicated to the fitting and manufacture of contact lenses since 1969 and currently
serving the Miami area ophthalmology profession in the consulting level, providing service in the fitting
of special contact lens designs.
     Today, contact lenses are worn by over 40 million people in the United States along, and each year
the grows will continue due to the new design and improvements in materials. Companies that
discontinued manufacture of rigid contact lenses are now coming back to the business.
     You can start by pressing Knowledge to learn about contact lenses or you can press News to find
the latest in the world of contacts or the next convention to be. Anyway, navigate freely. Is your page
for enjoyment and information.
      Of course, before you begin browsing, let me tell you that your
contact lens practitioner knows best.
This page is only to answer a few misleading ideas about different type of contact lenses, and to help
you understand some of your responsibilities when you use contact lenses.
       If you like contact lenses now, you will need to like them for the rest of your life. Your responsibility
will keep you from discontinue contact lenses a few years from now. Remember, condition such as
severe allergies, chronic eye infections and over used of contact lenses can difficult your future use

of contact lenses in the time that you may need it most. Use common sense and don't go crying later.
       If you never tried contact lenses, this information is made to provide a better understanding about
different type of materials and design that are available to you ,as a consumer, when you are ready to
make the big jump as a cosmetic user (If you hate glasses) or if you need special contact lens design
for some correction needs.
       If you wear Soft Contact Lenses and you ended here looking to buy lenses, this is not the page.
But now that you are here with your contact lens prescription looking for a bargain, I will help you
       Today you can find any contact lens brand or type on the Internet, from traditional contacts to
brightly colored lenses. The only difference from your in-store contact lens retailer is that the prices
are much lower. However, the question remains: where do you find the cheapest contact lenses? A
good place to find an answer is at LensShopper.com. They compare the daily prices of the top 10 major
online retailers, helping you find the less expensive contacts


Antonio Roca is :
Florida Board Certified
Fellow Contact Lens Society of America
Certified National Contact Lens Examiners
Fellow National Academy of Opticianry
Certified American Board of Opticianry
Certified O.T. from A.A.O.
National Keratoconus Foundation Member
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[Antonio Roca L.D.O.]

Fax......................     (786) 289-0381
Miami, FL. USA 33126
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General Information: info@lensconsultants.net



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