How Can I Tell?

[Taco test]

One way to tell if your lens is right side out is to look at the profile by putting the lens on the tip of your finger and holding it at eye level. It should be bowl-shaped. If the edges turn downward slightly forming a lip, the lens is inside out and must be reversed. With a little practice, you'll see an obvious difference.
           Another way to find the right side is to use the "taco test." Hold the lens between your thumb and index finger and apply gentle pressure. The edges should fold toward each other like a taco. If the edges don't fold easily or if they turn outward toward your fingers, the lens is inside out. if you have ultra-thin lenses, the taco test may not be reliable.
          You can usually tell if a lens is inside out by the way it feels on your eye. It won't be comfortable and will probably move a lot when you blink. Your vision won't be as sharp and clear; either. Just remove the lens and turn it right-side out. You may have the same sensations if you put a lens in the wrong eye; so always work with one lens at a time, keeping the other lens in the lens case with the cap on.
          If you remove the lens from your eye or if it blinks out or folds as you place it on your index finger, put the lens in the palm of your hand and soak it with the preserved saline solution that comes with your system. Then touch the lens gently until it regains its bowl shape.

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